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Renovating Interior and Exterior Design With Us

Renovating Interior and Exterior Design With Us

Renovating Interior and Exterior Design With Us

Alarm Systems

We supply and install state of the art systems at competitive prices. Only associating ourselves with the worlds best brands ensures our systems function when the really should. Providing reliable backup is what sets us head and shoulders above the competition.

Fancy yourself the DIY kind, visit our online store for products we pride ourselves in supplying

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Bottom of page: We only service Gauteng Mpumalanga and Freestate areas.


We are certified installers of closed circuit television systems. Analogue or IP, household or business we install and maintain professionally and offer quality workmanship guaranteed. Call us today for a site assessment.

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Networking and Automation

Whether you require your gate to open via your cell phone, or a borehole pump to operate, we have the tech to facilitate it.

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South Africa is home to some of the sleekest and cunning criminals in the world. Protecting your assets against theft and misuse is crucial. Having years of experience on the front line, SecutechSA knows what it takes. We supply and fit, wired and wireless tracking devices. Whether you need to see your fleets every move, […]

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SecutechSA is a leader in IT and Security supplies. With years of experience in both sectors, we have used this to put together a variety of top class products at competitive prices. South Africans face difficult challenges on a daily basis. Private individuals, and Business owners need all the help they can get in preventing loss. Be it a loss in productivity or criminal theft, we have the products and experience to help.

Our offering ranges from, IT, Automation, Telematics, CCTV and Networking. From supply to fitment we are right here by your side.

Contact us today for a comprehensive quote or have a look at our online offerings.