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Pepper Gas Alarms

What use is a bark with no bite? Our systems fight intruders, by making things hot! Independent alarm systems that are professionally designed to make life difficult for the most determined of criminals is a must for protecting the objective. Systems can be altered to user specifications.

How do Pepper Gas Alarms Work

Master Units

  • Stand alone pepper spray alarm system or attach to the existing alarm system
  • SMS communicating (optional extra)
  • Solar charger input
  • Battery back-up
  • Remote or key switch arming/disarming
  • Code hopping remote controls
  • Service call warning
  • Panic button (can be remote or hard wired)
  • Extra strength pepper spray (15% Capsicum)
  • Totally natural pepper spray
  • Activation warning
  • Easily installed (also DIY)

Safety Features

  • Door magnet input
  • Delay on arming
  • Visual and audio indicators for armed state and charging
  • Dual passives (optional)